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What benefits can Mag & Turbo offer me?


- Automatic identity with a market leader with national recognition
New Franchisees enjoy the market image and profile we have built up since 1993.

- Your very own Franchise Territory
Exclusive access to your own market, without competition from other Franchisees.

- Proven advertising and marketing expertise in a wide range of media
Including TV, web, radio, print, loyalty programmes and sponsorship.

- A dedicated Franchise Team
Store owners can take heart from the fact that the Franchise Team is working on their business every day - be it in marketing, purchasing, legal or otherwise.

- Proven management expertise and business strategies
The strategies and business practices we use have proven themselves successful time and again since 1993.

- Bulk purchasing benefits from the major suppliers
Group strength combined with loyal business practices allows our stores to enjoy exclusive discount rates and trading terms.

- Exclusive finance
The store's retail finance facility is non-recourse and offers a rebate back to the store.

- The widest range of products available
Our commitment to sourcing top quality product and our relationships with suppliers allow us to offer customers the very best products from the world's leading brands.

- Support, advice, training and experience
Whether you are a new Franchisee or a long-time member of the Franchise Group, the Franchise Team endeavours to provide all the support, training and advice you need.

- Direction and growth focus
Everything we do is geared towards achieving our growth goals - to remain the leading aftermarket accessory retail chain in the country, and to have a market presence in every region across the country.

- Access to quality products, unique branded and exclusive products
Solid supplier relationships allow us to source the best products available, and access to exclusive products, from mag wheels to accessories - something that our competitors do not have.

- A re-sellable asset - the franchise name adds value to your business
The advantages of being a member of the Mag & Turbo group make your business a highly desirable product if you decide at some point in the future that you wish to sell it.